About Phillip!

I count myself lucky to know from a very early age what career path I wanted to follow in my life. Programming was love at first sight for me. It all started with an old TRS-80 where I would copy code snippets from magazines. I barely had any clue what I was doing but I knew I was creating things that myself and others could play! As a kid, I felt like a wizard able to bend the world to his will!

As of today, I'm happy to say that I have been professionally bending the bits and bytes of the digital world to my will for over 11 years. I have worked primarily on video games for the web but have shipped a few PC titles as well. These days I am creating games for mobile devices and PCs. If anything my passion for programming has grown over the years. With all of the new languages, platforms and devices I'm never bored and am always trying something new.

When I'm not programming for work, I'm usually programming for fun. Yet somehow, I still find time for a number of other hobbies that I enjoy. Exercising is a big part of my life and I regularly take part in triathlons and ultramarathons. When I'm too tired to exercise but still want to get outside, I like to reaffirm my lack of a green thumb by gardening. When the Texas heat becomes too hot to handle, I like to tinker / build simple robots and electronic devices.


If you were to approach me and ask me to build any random piece of software, in a particular language, the bars below represent my confidence that I could create that piece of software. Want me to create Skynet in Actionscript? Not a problem according to the bar below. Want me to create Skynet in C++? Well you might end up with C-3PO instead.

ActionScript 3 / Flash
HTML / CSS / Javascript